Certification in mechanical and manufacturing systems


Prior knowledge required of the trainer:

Basic knowledge of metal
and CNC technology


2 weeks (10 working days of 8 hours each)

Structure of the course

Theory and practical training

In collaboration, Siemens and Christiani have developed the “Mechanical & Manufacturing“ CNC certification program, which will teach, certify, and audit trainers all over the world for CNC training. In addition to CNC technology and programming, the program will also impart further content, such as reading component drawings, using clamping devices, quality control, servicing and maintenance as well as environmental protection and occupational health and safety. The aim is also to teach skills in the usage of machines and an understanding of the processes involved.

3 Levels of student certification

Every level can be attended independently from each other. The training sessions include an equal measure of theory and practice.

Suitable for:

Trainers, teachers and other multipliers from countries with low levels of education in technical professions.


The course will mostly be submitted in English. German may also be possible depending on the participants‘ language skills. Depending on demand, courses in other languages are planned in the medium term.

Level 1 – The basic course for CNC trainers

Level 1 lays the groundwork for training the CNC user. Upon completion of the course, the trainee will be able to operate a CNC machine and install it according to the production planning specifications. Reading technical drawings and understanding all the processes involving the machine are also included in the content for this level.

The training to become a level 1 trainer takes place in the Christiani Competence Centre in Rheine. During the first part of the course, the participants will be taught as a group. General and comprehensive topics (turning and cutting) will be covered here. To make the most of the available space and hardware, the participants will be split into two groups during the course. While one works on the machine, the other will independently complete preparatory exercises on PCs. Because of the technical equipment and available space, the number of participants is limited to 12 people per training session.

Dates for Level 1

Date Location
April 16 – 27 2018 Christiani Competence Centre in Rheine
September 10 – 21 2018 Christiani Competence Centre in Rheine
November 12 – 23 2018 Christiani Competence Centre in Rheine

Participation fee

€ 5,000.00 per participant (including lunch)
excluding flight, accommodation and other travel costs

Location of the course

Christiani Competence Centre
Schulten Sundern 14
48432 Rheine Germany

Contact/Course registration

Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH & Co. KG
Technical Institute for Vocational Training
Hermann-Hesse-Weg 2
78464 Constance

Phone: +49 7531 5801-140
Fax: +49 7531 5801-900
E-Mail: cnc-certification@christiani-tvet.com